Many folks I've spoken with, of late, are reeling a bit.  I can totally relate! The combination of the election madness, the upcoming holidays, and the cosmic forces encouraging us to stretch, grow, and manifest our best selves all seem to be colliding.  

Perhaps for these reasons, I've been experiencing a pull to offer some sort of group healing environment, and while many longer-view ideas are swirling, this seems to be an immediate need.  In turn, you are invited to participate in a weekend of healing - through sound, meditation, art, and whatever organic work may bubble up in the container we will create together.  

I trust that the benefits of the work we do will ripple out, and touch: those we love; those who need it; and those who may have no idea that healing and peace are possible.

When:   December 17th and 18th  (9am - 5pm each day)

Where:  Third Option Coaching - Lexington, MA

Participation Options:
  • Register in advance to participate in both days and pay a total tuition of $300
  • Or, if time is tight, and you still want to get some healing in, choose Saturday or Sunday and register only for that day.  Your tuition will be $175 for the day.
  • If you come on Saturday, and there is space available on Sunday, you may choose to add the day for the full one day tuition of $175.
  • Registration Deadline: December 2nd

What to expect:

If you've never done work with me before, it may be helpful to know that the healing process is organic.  There is no formula - it a practice of presence, love, and feeling that transforms us.  This workshop is open to anyone, so feel free to share the opportunity, if you feel inspired to do so.

If you have worked with me in a group previously, you may hold an expectation that each person attending will do "an individual piece of work in the center."  I invite you to release this expectation for this forum.  What unfolds is never known to me; however, I have a feeling that our group energy will be like a singing bowl - reverberating within and beyond, even if you are not the one holding the mallet.  I request that you trust you will get exactly what you need, even if it doesn't look the way you might expect it to.

You will likely receive a preparation email a few days before we gather.  This will support your readiness for our time together.  

You are encouraged to dress comfortably, with freedom of movement, and a willingness to get messy.  Please pack a lunch, as our lunch break will be brief.  Light snack foods will be available during the day for your convenience.

I look forward to sharing the healing energies with you!

With love, Joanne

Want to see if a space is available for you?  Contact Joanne Lutz by phone: 617-827-0803 or email.



In times of chaos, find peace within.

Participate in creating and benefiting from healing vibrations with a small group of others.

reminding you of who you be, 

so you may live your best possible life!