reminding you of who you be, 

so you may live your best possible life!

This course is also offered as a private class, catered to your specific group. 

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9:00 AM - 1:00 PM


  • Learn the difference between Caretaking and Caregiving
  • Explore how we learned Caretaking
  • Discover tools to connect with yourself, facilitating your ability to Caregive
  • Become empowered to choose, once you know the difference

2:30 PM - 5:30 PM



  • Practice Caregiving in action
  • Through small group coaching, you will identify your personal brand of Caretaking, and begin to build a bridge from Caretaking to Caregiving

A day devoted to speaking your truth!

If you've ever told a "little white lie" or "lied by omission," and later regretted
that you didn't simply speak the "whole truth and nothing but the truth,"
join Joanne Lutzfor this powerful one-day event.

How many times a day do you creatively couch something in a brighter light or use softer language to protect someone's feelings?  Or maybe you say nothing at all, to avoid dealing with the other person's emotions.  Whether you are speaking to a friend, a co-worker, or a family member, how often do you tell...

Just a little white lie?

We may convince ourselves we're lying to "spare the other person's feelings" or to "protect him/her" in some way.  If we tell the microscopic truth, we lie because we don't want to experience our own feelings of discomfort, anger, fear, sadness, or frustration.  We attempt to take away the other person's right to simply feel his/her feelings because we want to avoid what that reaction might evoke in us. 

...And then a wall starts to build.  One lie begets another, and soon we may believe that if someone really knew us, they wouldn't like us.  Telling the truth, now, would be like showing them the mold in the back of the refrigerator - on purpose!

How, then, do we stop lying and engage in clear, honest communication...every every conversation?

Learn to connect with yourself,
and practice caregiving instead of caretaking

I look forward to hearing your truth!

With love, Joanne

Registration for this class is now closed.  Watch the calendar for the next offering.
Location: Third Option Coaching, Lexington, MA

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Communication Without Caretaking