reminding you of who you be, 

so you may live your best possible life!


"To tell what I have accomplished during What's Next?! Workshop will make it sound too good to be true.  With all of the therapy and personal growth work I have done, I've always felt that the bridge to bring it into my everyday life was hard to find.  Joanne has created that bridge with the What's Next?! series.  She helps participants bring together all of the work they've already done, and use it to take hold of the life they want with their own courage, humor and self compassion."

Beth S.  (Autumn 2010 Series)

Providence, RI

Meet whatever may be next on your path from
the clarity and wisdom inherently within you!

What's Next?! Workshop is a progressive series of classes designed to help you live the life you want - from your connected, essential self.  Each series takes place over a period of five months, with supportive exercises and tools to practice between classes.  All participants sign up and attend the entire series of classes, as each day builds upon the last, encouraging progressive growth along the way.  While the program has a general outline, the facilitator tailors each gathering to the participants - allowing a flexible agenda suited to each unique group.

Full class days typically begin at 9am and end at about 6pm, though some days may run a bit longer.  To see a description of each daily theme, use the link at the bottom of this page. 

As part of the program, you will receive "homework" each month via email.  Because the structure of these classes is not "carved in stone," the at-home exercises will be catered to your specific group.  Each homework email will detail any items you should bring with you to the next class, and offer you ways to try-on and practice tools between classes.  

For all classes you are encouraged to dress comfortably, with freedom of movement, and pack a lunch. Light snack foods will be available during the day for your convenience.

I encourage your personal growth and look forward to working with you!

With love, Joanne

Still have questions?  Contact Joanne Lutz by phone: 617-827-0803 or email

A Progressive Seven-Session Personal Growth Series