reminding you of who you be, 

so you may live your best possible life!

An Introduction to What's Next?!

This two-hour class begins to build the foundation for the five month What's Next?! Workshop series.  It's a great taste of how Joanne works as a facilitator, and you may discover one of the limiting beliefs that's been holding you back.


"This class was better than I expected!  I felt good about myself, my future, my ability to adopt different habits to enable me to be a caregiver, rather than a caretaker.  I'm thrilled to know the difference between the two.  It was an extremely positive experience."

Sharon D.  (Why Do We Lie?!)

Waltham, MA


"What's Next?! was a truly great experience. I brought something away from each class, and found the group process to be one of the best parts.  Everyone added to the experience, and the facilitator was awesome!"

Kelly H. (What's Next?! Workshop)

Watertown, MA

Learn the difference between caregiving and caretaking to enhance your relationship with yourself and others, through truth-based connections.  This class will support your voice of wisdom and honesty from a place of care and compassion.

Why Do We Lie?!

This one-day workshop invites participants to experience a feeling of deserving without having to "earn" it, "pay your dues," or "give yourself away."  Leave with the new knowledge that you are deserving of wanting, even if you don't always get what you desire.

This small group forum supports each individual's quest for continued personal growth, accountability, and a safe community in which to explore and manifest more of who you be.  *Exclusively for participants who have completed a What's Next?! Workshop series.


The What's Next?! Workshop series is designed for folks seeking a bridge between inner growth and outer manifestation.  This program provides a container for discovering your unique gifts, moving through fear, and living an abundant life.

A Continuing Journey
Getting a Taste of What You Deserve
What's Next?! Workshop