The miracle of a cheetah is undeniable.  These animals hold a powerful magic!  Cheetahs provide a stellar model of divine beings, because they remain connected to their original programming. 

Cheetah is cheetah.  Simple. 

There is no worry about what will happen tomorrow, or even five minutes from now.  Each moment is singular and whole - it is all "Just Now."

I cheer on your courage and look forward to sharing this retreat with you!

With love,Joanne

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The Divinity Adventure will harness your ability to connect with YOUR original human programming:

  • Feel the moment to moment flow of your inherent connection to something greater.
  • Allow your heart to crack open in the dark and crusty spaces - letting in the light you long for.
  • Be available for an abundance of love and divine guidance!

This retreat combines service work (caring for cheetahs and other small wild cats, and all of their habitats and food sources) combined with practices to try on through immersion, meditation, coaching support and divine guidance in varied and unexpected forms.

Learn to surrender the agenda and judgment that troubles your mind.  For, when you feel peace, you may know divine joy.

Connecting with the divine through service and practice.

Trust Your Rightful Place in the Universal Flow
Experience Peace
Create Space for Joy


      ...As humans, we experience traumas.  Because we are born problem solvers, we create false answers, forgetting our original programming  in the process. 

...This retreat is for you, if you would like to remember:

  • That you are a divine being in connection with all divinity;
  • That your essence is safe, even in the face of apparent danger;
  • To know that you are here to give and receive love.
  • To learn a deeper level of surrender, so that you may be available to receive abundance beyond your current level of comprehension.
  • To begin expanding your self-trust into a faith in your connection with the universal energies.

..Both, animals and new experiences in foreign lands, have the power to crack us open and forge new pathways within. 

This Divinity Adventure provides both. 

Are you ready to connect with your own divinity?  Let's go!

      ...Your days will include:

  • Physical labor
  • Meditation
  • Coaching
  • Meal Preparation
  • and many, MANY new sights, encounters, and kinds of fun you've never known, because this is NOT your day to day world.  This is a Twilight Zone of magic, where you may listen to a cheetah purr, experience intense personal interactions with support and love, and watch the vastness of the setting sun over a land you've walked, worked, and worshipped.

..You will also spend time visiting Kruger National Park.  Here you will be able to see all manner of South African wildlife roaming free in a natural habitat - more divine creatures with their original programming intact.

reminding you of who you be, 

so you may live your best possible life!