90 Second Rule

Give yourself the gift of 90 seconds.  Time to pause and allow feeling to flow through you.  Thoughts may come and go.  The key is coming back to the sensations, the emotion, giving yourself space from whatever story you may have attached to this feeling.

You get to have 90 seconds to notice your experience in these moments - to listen to what's happening within.  Feel the anger, sadness, fear, frustration...be aware of the clenched muscles, non-existent breaths, or nauseated stomach.  Truly allow yourself to feel it, and be present for yourself for this window of time.

This practice creates a pattern.  The pattern may become a cool and healthy habit.  And the habit may be a pathway to a kind of self awareness and peace you didn't even know existed.

If you have some meditation experience, you may engage a longer "sit" meditation the same way...90 seconds at a time. 

Recite both phrases in order continuously, until the practice feels complete - ending on "HA."

Each syllable has meaning; however, according the Chamma Ling website, they may be grouped into four parts:

A KAR A ME is the antidote

TU TI SO NAG PO represents the negative emotions to be purified

SHI SHI MAL MAL is the benefit or result of the mantra

SO HA cuts doubts, misconceptions and wrong views

If you are not in the presence of the dying or deceased, you may still offer this mantra on their behalf.  And, as it is a purification meditation, it is not limited to the dying or recently deceased.  It may aid you to cut through a negative influence if practiced daily.

Speak the mantra out loud in an ordinary voice, then exclaim it, then whisper it, and continue with no words or sound.  Try the mantra with a different emphasis on each word, to keep you focused and engaged in the meditation.

Here's an example of one of my personal favorites.  Simply stress the word in bold, and repeat the entire mantra 108 times.

My existence is like the sun on a cold day.

My existence is like the sun on a cold day.

My existence is like the sun on a cold day.

My existence is like the sun on a cold day.

My existence is like the sun on a cold day.

My existence is like the sun on a cold day.

My existence is like the sun on a cold day.

My existence is like the sun on a cold day.

My existence is like the sun on a cold day.

My existence is like the sun on a cold day.

In the beginning this may feel a bit awkward, and so you may allow yourself to start simply: rah, rah, rah, ga, ga, ga, la, la, la...you get the idea, just keep going...

As you stay with it, your conscious mind will relax and the unconscious mind will do the speaking...creating nonsense sounds that ease your conscious into a peaceful state.

At the end of fifteen minutes, crawl into bed for a deep, restful bliss - and awake refreshed and rejuvenated!

Then, without words or sound, tell that person you see in the mirror all of the things you feel you've done wrong.  All of the acts you perceive as horrible, and cause you to hang your head in shame.  With complete honesty, share your fears and grudges, and secrets.

When you have emptied your mind and being of these deeds.  Look gently and full of love into those eyes, and speak aloud, "I love you.  I forgive you."  Over and over and over, feeling these words of grace healing the self-inflicted wounds like a balm.  You will know when the ritual is complete - you will feel it inside and out.

A daily practice of this meditation creates an inner clean slate to live from, and builds self-trust.

3) Repeat the phrase in a louder more adamant voice.

4) Repeat the phrase as though you are yelling it from the rooftop for all the world to hear.

5) Return to your ordinary speaking voice and repeat while stomping your feet.

6)  Repeat again...stomping your feet and gently patting your hands over entire body from the top of your head to the tips of your toes.

7) Whisper the whole phrase aloud.

8) Say the mantra internally without words or sound.

9) Speak the phrase for a final time with quiet integrity and conviction.

Allow a few moments to bask in the glow of your own being.

Continue the listening practice, ever so gently bringing your consciousness to the most depthful voice within.  Beneath the chatter, find and listen to the source of your own wisdom.

I have heard it said that praying is about talking - requesting what you want or need.  And meditation is about listening - allowing the universal wisdom that exists within you to bubble up.  Allow your environs to support your deep soul listening, and celebrate the connection to your essential self!

As you pop each bubble, witness the glowing streams of joy, flowing in through your finger, connecting with your heart, and filling your body.  Poke at as many as you can, and feel the smile transform to giggles and let those giggles grow to gurgles of laughter.  And if you find yourself rolling on the floor in uncontrollable laughter, know that this joy came from you and returned to you - you may have it with you always.

When the meditation feels complete in the moment, gently bring yourself back to the room...bringing the lightness and openness with you.

until your system settles down.  Once every fifteen to twenty seconds, whisper the USM softly to yourself; say the words quietly in your mind, like a faint thought.  You don't need to pronounce the words distinctly, as long as you can feel the concept of the USM."

The USM Hendricks refers to is this:

"I expand in abundance, success, and love every day, as I inspire those around me to do the same."

He says, "It will go like this:

  • Whisper the USM softly to yourself.  (It takes me five to seven seconds to do this.)
  • Pause and rest with an open mind for ten to fifteen seconds.  (this is about the time is takes for two slow, easy breaths.)
  • Whisper the USM softly to yourself again.
  • Pause and rest with an open mind for ten to fifteen seconds.
  • Continue like this for five to ten minutes.
  • When you feel you're at a good stopping place, pause and rest for a minute or two before returning to your normal activities."

May you enjoy a highly successful month full of abundance, love, and inspiration.

YES to Life

Ready to try something different?  Anytime someone asks you a question for which a yes or no is appropriate, say "Yes!"

Too often, our first response to any question is "No."  We may later change our tune, but the knee jerk reaction is negative rather than positive.  Infuse your powerful positive energy into your days by changing your answer to a resounding "YES!"

You can always say "no" later, if it truly doesn't fit for you.  This is not about being a doormat and giving yourself away.  It's about allowing the power of your own affirmative energy to direct your life, rather than fear or negativity - moment by moment...yes, Yes! YES!!!

As you try on your "Yes," notice how it feels.  Be aware of what stirs in you as you allow for a new possibility to emerge.

Would you like to give it a try?  (this is a trick question)

Note to Self

I created this mantra for myself at an intensive workshop I participated in.  It has proven particularly supportive to me.  If the "essential self" language does not resonate, insert words that fit for you.  You could easily replace it with: spirit, god, universe, inner being.  Make it your own, and while you may simply speak it, I encourage you to try it as described below.  These instructions include a kinesthetic component to support a full embodiment of the words.

1) Speak the entire three sentences below aloud in your typical conversational voice:

  • I call upon my essential self to guide me through today.
  • I request my essential self to be ever-present for all parts of me, so they may be healed and integrated.
  • I ask my essential self, full of wisdom, to guide me to the places I need to go for my highest and greatest good.

2) Repeat the entire mantra, changing the emphasis on the words.

Inside the Singing Bowl

Within this library are many chanting or toning meditations.  This practice uses the Heart Song or a full body humming (like that in Osho's Nadabrama meditation - found in the Movement Library).

In this case, though, you practice in the shower.  If you've ever been one to sing in the shower, you know the experience of feeling the vibrations of your own voice rippling back to you.  Interestingly, we often seem to think we sound better in the shower, and I believe the unique combination of enclosed space and drumming water creates a singing bowl of sorts.

Take five to ten minutes of your morning shower time to simply stand beneath the water and give voice to your Heart Song or allow the hum from deep within to vibrate through your body to shower walls.  When the sound echos back to you, it feels like a personal love song you are singing to and for yourself.  Like a true singing bowl practice, the combination of inner and outer vibrations heal your cells and soul at every level.  Quite beautiful!

Deep Soul Listening

I learned this practice in the jungle of Costa Rica, where the foreign sounds helped to make the practice obvious.  You can try this one anywhere, though - well, perhaps not driving, but certainly as a passenger!

Begin with closed eyes and take in few deep breaths.  Feel the welcoming sense of something new on the inhale, and the letting go of any residual stress on the exhale.  Allow yourself to arrive in the now.

Then, bring your awareness to the sounds around you.  Perhaps you notice the loudest ones first, or the closest noises first.  You cannot do this wrong - simply notice.  As you pick through the melodies - free of judgement and even free of recognition - shift your attention to the sounds under the sounds.  What is singing quietly in your presence?  Is there a chime that you must settle in more to hear?

Continue breathing - and as you do, feel yourself breathing through your heart.  As though your heart organ welcomes the new information on the in breath and releases the old to make room on the out breath.

Morning Laughter

No, you're not seeing double. You may have already seen this in the Movement Library, but really, can we ever really have enough laughter in our lives?

Looking for something to add a little spark to your meditation?  Try this one for the next month.  It's a hoot of a way to start your day!

As you are waking up in the morning, before you even open your eyes - laugh!

You may begin with a few forced "Ha, Ha, Ha's" or giggles the first couple of days, and then...the laughter just begins to come, as though it's bursting out of you.  You'll feel your body fill with the sensation and freedom of laughing.

Try not to be put off by the first couple of days when you wonder why you are doing this...feeling like an idiot...and wondering what the point is to doing such a ridiculous thing before you even get out of bed!  After a few days, you'll laugh because it's so absurd, because there is no point, except to experience the bubbling throughout your whole being.

Wondering what your housemates might think?  I'll bet they'll laugh, after all, it's contagious!

Message of Forgiveness

Do you find yourself holding a grudge?  The trouble with grudges is that the person holding it is the one suffering the most!  Whether it is conscious or not, when we place blame outward, we inevitably place more blame inward.

For a moment, point your finger at your computer screen, as though it's done something wrong.  Notice where most of your fingers are actually pointing?  Usually it's thumb and forefinger out and the other three pointing right back at YOU!

Give yourself the space to lay down your grievances with yourself and others through this forgiveness practice.

Stand or sit in front of a mirror with your eyes closed.  Bring to mind the person in your life that you feel it is most easy to love free of an agenda.  It could be a friend, a client, a pet, or someone close to you - though those closest to us, often stir the pot a bit.  Imagine looking into the eyes of this person that you love freely.  Then open your eyes and look with that same feeling into the eyes in the mirror.

Bubbles of Joy

This time we return to meditative laughter, with a visual path to enjoy the fun.  Inspired by the Bubbles Meditation offered at Lifescript, this simple meditation reminds us of the healing powers of smiles and laughter.

Begin in a comfortable sitting position with your eyes closed.  Allow your body to settle in, breathing deeply, and noticing where you come in contact with whatever is supporting you.  Take another deep breath...staying focused on the in breath...and the out breath...

As you maintain your conscious connection to the breath, feel each exhale leaving your body in the form of a beautiful golden bubble.  It may come from a source of pain or discomfort within; however, as it leaves you, this golden bubble transforms those sensations and become joy filled.

To access that joy, pop the bubbles as they exit your body.  With every pop, feel the smile grow on your face.

Heart Song

Find a place where it's okay to close your eyes and make a little noise without being disturbed.

Take a few deep breaths into whatever space you've found.  Allow the breath to come into and exit through your heart.

As you can feel the breath connect with your heart, give your heart a voice.  Feel the vibrations that come from within your heart, and allow them to expand, traveling up through your throat and out into the world.

It may be a simple tone.  In fact, this meditation is sometimes referred to as Heart Tones.  Whatever the sound, allow it to come up and out.  There may be no melody, the sound may be creaky with sadness or abundant with depth.  Any way you do this that truly connects with your heart space and allows it to sing is exactly right.  Continue the sound practice for as long as it takes to feel completely at peace in the moment.

A regular practice of this meditation opens your heart to the truth of who you be.

Purification Mantra

This meditation is a Bon mantra.  My studies with April Prita Manganiello have taught me this practice as service for the dying or recently deceased.  The Ligmincha International site has referred to it as a "purification mantra, or a mantra that offers protection from negative energies."

If you are in the presence of the dying or recently deceased, you and loved ones form a circle around the person for whom you are offering the practice.  Recite the mantra facing toward the center of the circle in a counterclockwise direction, around the heart.  The practice creates a luminous ring of energy (you may visualize sparks flying off the ring onto the person) relieving them of pain, suffering and limitation, and giving them love, wisdom and total freedom.

The mantra itself is simple:



108 Times

I've recently been making use of prayer beads in my daily practice.  My strand has the traditional Tibetan Buddhist count of 108 beads.

In addition to being lovely to look at, this tool serves a vital purpose in mantra meditations.  It helps me keep count.

Tracking your prayers, affirmations, and mantras is a common thread in many religious practices.  The means for counting may be a strand of beads (and the number varies from religion to religion) or a rope with a series of knots to count.  You may either make the strand yourself, or purchase a set of beads that resonates with you.

Then, during your meditation practice, hold the beads.  For some, the simple act of having the rope in hand creates a sense of dropping in.  If you'd like to make active use of them, select a mantra, prayer or affirmation that speaks to you, and repeat it over and over with each bead or knot representing one completion, until you reach the end of your strand.

Mantra for Success

A mantra is a sound or series of sounds that are used as a focal point in meditation.  Often the words have a conscious intention, even if the sounds themselves are gibberish.

Other meditations use physical actions or visual aides to quiet the mind.  A mantra meditation uses the series of sounds and the intention of their meaning for that same purpose.  The sounds may be spoken aloud or silently in your head.  It is not the noise that matters, it is the commitment to continually and gently come back to the "words" when the mind wanders (and it inevitably will!) that allows a oneness with self.

In The Big Leap, author Gay Hendricks shares "The Ultimate Success Mantra:  A Central Guiding Intention."  He describes the Ultimate Success Mantra (USM) as "a set of instructions to your conscious and unconscious mind, designed to inform all your actions and decisions."

These are Hendrick's instructions directly from the book:
"...find a place where you can sit quietly for five to ten minutes.  Close your eyes, and rest for a minute or so

Tuning Fork

Become your own personal tuning fork.  Imagine an energy shower from the inside out.  That's a decent description of this simple meditative practice.

As a means of clearing your energy, breathe into your belly, and from your deep within your central channel release the sound "Sooooughh."

Following each in-breath, exhale "sooooughh" and begin to feel the the vibrations within.  You will likely feel it first in your belly and chest.  Continue the practice, allowing your entire body to fill with the clear vibrations of your own energy.  

As you attune to your personal energies, anything that seems to be sticking to you - that which is not yours - is expelled.  You are free to enjoy who you be.

Attentive Listening

Inspired by Puran Bair and OSHO, you're invited to calm the mind by listening.

Select your favorite meditation spot, whether it's on your deck, at the beach, against a tree in the woods, or on the train to work.  Be comfortable sitting or standing and begin with a few deep breaths.  Allow your mind to follow the breath...in...and out...in...and out.

As thoughts arise, imagine them as clouds passing with the breeze and continue to follow the breath.  Through this action you are inviting the barriers of protection that you carry with you each day to fall away.

Bring your attention to your body, releasing, with each breath, any discomfort.  These aches and pains, too, will fall away; they are only part of the protection.

As you begin to feel at ease, open to the sounds around you.  Listen intently, with complete focus and no judgment.  Be aware of the rhythm and the random, the volume of each noise - if it rises and falls or maintains a steadiness.  Stay clear of judging what is bad and what is beautiful.  Simply be with the sounds, practicing experience without interpretation.  Feel your awareness blossom.


Feeling tired?  Consider using this meditation, inspired by OSHO and Gabar, a Christian Mystic, for fifteen minutes before bed each night to deepen your sleep.

It's not always more sleep that we require, it is a less fitful sleep.  With a night of deep slumber, your days may feel energized, because your body will truly be replenishing it's stores while in rest.

This may very well be the simplest meditation you've ever tried, and because it feels a little silly, you can also have fun with it!

Begin by getting ready for bed, but before tucking yourself in for the night, sit on the edge of the bed with the lights low or off and start making nonsense language.

This will be a monotonous stream of gibberish.  It's important that the sounds have no meaning to you, so if you know another language, don't use that...truly just allow the sounds to flow out.


reminding you of who you be, 

so you may live your best possible life!