reminding you of who you be, 

so you may live your best possible life!

Allow your mind to be occupied.  Visualizations give your creative mind something to do, while your system settles and balances.  Some visualizations can help reveal powerful inner messages that have been hidden from view.
Many different cultures include sound as part of practicing mindfulness (though it may be called something quite different).  These meditations include a range, from listening  to creating sound.  In both cases, the vibrations within elevate, as our focus shifts.

Pretty much any meditation can be done in a group or beside another person.  These particular exercises bring your mindful attention to moments of engagement with another.

The thing about meditating is that there's NOT just one way to do it!  Often we think of that long SIT, and groan.  Here's great news - many meditations engage your whole body, allowing a movement of energy to flow through you - to arrive at the stillness within.


Conscious breath is a wonderful tool to have in your back pocket, because no matter where you are, you still have to breathe.  The offerings in this section all bring your mindful awareness to your breath, allowing you to be present in the moment.

These meditations and mindfulness exercises have been separated five types.  The reality, though, is that many practices overlap and involve more than just one of the categories.  For example, breath awareness is part of nearly every meditation, so don't become too attached  to where you find each one.  Give yourself the space to be surprised when the practice turns out to be different from what you might have expected.

I invite you to try any one of these until it no longer feels fresh.  Then try another.  With each time you practice, you create a super highway to your own sense of peace and clarity.  Therefore, it's valuable to mix it up, and try different exercises.  The consistency of your practice deepens and enhances the super highway, while the variety of your meditations broadens the scope of how you can get there.

To be clear, I am NOT advocating meditative ADD.  Let yourself begin by truly feeling your way into one practice.  This may feel awkward, as are many things when you're not used to doing them.  That's totally natural.  When you find, though, that the practice is feeling stagnant - allow yourself to shift to a new way of experiencing mindfulness through one of the other offerings in this library.

Important to note - you can't do this wrong.  Every time you willingly give yourself space to engage in a meditative or mindfulness practice, it is a gift to yourself.  And it may help to remember, it's call a "practice" for a reason!  Let it feel weird...awkward...boring...blissful...frustrating...etc.  and keep coming back to it.  No matter how many years you have meditated, each experience may be different.  Stay open to the vitality of your experience.

With love, Joanne

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