reminding you of who you be, 

so you may live your best possible life!

Sometimes...okay...maybe often! Change throws us off center.  We become so involved in what will happen next, what it "should" look like, and how it's "supposed" to go, that we lose sight of right now.  It may be that we remember an experience from "once upon a time" in our history, and get caught in those past perceptions.  Whether we focus on the future or the past, we interrupt our ability to flow in the present moment.

Every breath is a kind of transition.  And while we may occasionally forget to breathe, our brilliant bodies will take over, and do the job on our behalf.  It's one of life's miracles.  If you're not sure, try this experiment - stop breathing...without the aid of any drugs or devices, just choose to stop - right now.

How'd that go?  Did you pass out, and have to begin reading this again?  Guess what?  Even if you did, your body STILL found a way to keep you breathing, even if it meant knocking you down for the count!

All this to say, we are constantly in transition, whether we are conscious of it or not.  Then, life happens, presenting us with a variety of opportunities to practice engaging in change and transitions consciously.  For example, in random order:

  • Sending your kids off to kindergarten or college
  • Losing a spouse, parent, child, sibling, or close friend
  • Meeting with a new kind of success personally or professionally
  • Facing a debilitating or life threatening illness (your own, or a loved ones)
  • Graduating from school
  • Leaving a situation or relationship that no longer nourishes you
  • A big move, whether across the street or around the globe
  • Filing for bankruptcy or winning the lottery
  • Changing jobs or careers
  • Retirement, getting fired, or laid off
  • Welcoming a new member of the family through birth, adoption, or marriage
  • Divorce or separation
  • Completing that book you've been writing or
  • Beginning a new chapter

Each of these experiences challenge our ability, readiness, and willingness to trust ourselves in the face of change.  Most of us, though, didn't receive the "how to flow through change with grace" handbook!

Transitions require us to feel whatever emotion presents itself, even when it doesn't seem to make sense.  Then, we must possess a willingness to express those emotions, opening a channel of flowing energy - like an internal emotional river, constantly moving and responding to the curves  and bumps in the landscape.  Often, we struggle with this step, because we resist our own feelings, and dial back or ahead in time to latch onto something known...except, the unknown is where the magic happens!

When we embrace our own emotional flow, we may listen to the deep voice of knowing within.  With practice, we learn to trust in our internal guidance system.

Once we hear our intuitive wisdom, the next step is to heed it, even when we only know the one next step.  Despite NOT being able to see where the path will lead, the work is to lean into a broader trust - a kind of faith.  Your willingness to simultaneously surrender control of the outcome AND participate in the journey that is unfolding manifests grace.

The Jungle Discoveries Retreat will meet you wherever you are - in whatever version of transition you may be entering/experiencing/exiting.  The activities, fellow participants, and coaching provided by me, Joanne Lutz, will support your ability to connect with your deep knowing.  You have a path that is uniquely yours.  You are NOT meant to know all of what that is in this moment. Are you willing to walk it?

What might you learn from this experience...

  • that your willingness to be with the emotions that arise in the face of change is essential;
  • how to listen to the voice of your inner guidance system for the one next step;
  • and begin to know that surrendering control of the outcome will yield a far greater result than what you might attempt to manipulate for yourself. 

For me, the jungle of Costa Rica is a sacred space.  In this environment of abundant lushness, you will be invited and encouraged to awaken and abide in the wisdom of the YOU who can be trusted - the YOU who taps into a greater knowing, both within, and through spiritual access.

If this notion appeals to you, join me for this adventure of Jungle Discoveries!.

With love, Joanne

Want to see if a space is available for you?  Contact Joanne Lutz by phone: 617-827-0803 or email.


Listen to the voice of deep knowing
Actively participate in your unfolding journey
Surrender control of the outcome



September 24 - October 2, 2018

While the retreat begins the moment you sign up, here is a logistical overview...

9/24 - Arrive in San Jose, Costa Rica and check-in for a transition night at the Holiday Inn Express

9/25 - You will be picked up at the hotel, and together we'll drive to Playa Chiquita, check you into your accommodations, and be introduced to our meeting space (our work together has begun!)

10/1 - We'll drive back to San Jose and spend a final transition night at the Holiday Inn Express

10/2 - You may take the hotel shuttle to the airport at your convenience to fly home.


Playa Chiquita, Costa Rica

Registration Deadline:

July 31st, provided space is avail.



$2,595/pp (double occupancy)

Tuition excludes airfare, which you will arrange independently


What's Included:

> Preparatory practices, readings and videos to guide you into retreat mode - long before you even start packing your suitcase.

> 7 days of immersive and transformative experiences in the lush rain forest of Costa Rica, with support from Transition Coach and Life Guide, Joanne Lutz,, your fellow participants, and the creatures of the jungle

> 8 nights of lodging (including 2 transition nights in San Jose for a gentler entrance and exit from the sacred space we will create)

> 6 delicious breakfasts 

> All lunches that we're together, which you'll participate in preparing

> 6 dinners during our stay in Playa Chiquita

> All materials included, unless otherwise specified on the "to bring" list you will receive prior to the start of the retreat

> Practices & tools for you to integrate in your daily life

Navigating the transitions of your true path with grace.