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2017 Registration Information

September 29th - October 10th, 2017

Registration Deadline:  June 16th


"Participating in the Embracing Magic Retreat changed my life.  

For me, the work started before I even left for Costa Rica, and it just kept building, peaking while I was surrounded by the sounds, energy, and vitality of the rain forest.  Joanne created such a safe, open environment - fertile ground for transformation - I felt empowered.  I became aligned and balanced with my own energy, power, and sense of calm.

A few practical notes - I found the accommodations comfortable, homey, and wonderfully immersed in the jungle.  The food was delicious, nourishing, and prepared with love. 

It's a struggle to convey in words what this retreat meant to me.  I honestly feel I came home a different person than I went.  The result: I am!

If you're on the fence about this, do it.  It was such a gift to myself."

Julie P.  (Embracing Magic 2014)

Darien, CT

  • An experience that cannot be described in advance, and will likely create a positive imprint to last a lifetime.
  • The opportunity to work with endangered animals - powerful, magical beings - to experience the divinity in them and the divinity in you.
  • 11 days and nights outside of the "usual routine" - creating space to find your rightful place in the universal flow, where an abundance of love, peace, and joy are available to you.
  • 10 days of in-person guidance and coaching, in a small group setting, with International Retreat Facilitator, Joanne Lutz, the creator of The Divinity Adventure, the Embracing Magic Retreat and all of the What's Next?! Programs
  • Being of service through active volunteering - "a labor of love" - to support your ability to view getting things done with gentleness and ease
  • 4 days of participation in a "field trip" to Kruger National Park - allowing you to be surrounded by all manner of animals, who remain connected to their original programming, in their natural habitat.
  • Preparation assignments to support your growth and challenge you to approach this retreat experience (and experiences to follow) from a fresh ground.
  • A variety of practices and tools to support your ability to: trust your natural place as part of the universal flow; experience peace; and create space for joy.
  • Follow-up group phone coaching sessions after you return home.
  • An opportunity to share the experience with an intimate group of people, committed to delving to the deepest places with the intention of manifesting their most authentic selves, fully connected to and embracing their own divinity.


Your personal retreat experience is likely to begin the moment you sign up - so be open to this possibility!

September 29th - Participants arrive at the O. R. Tambo International Airport, Johannesburg, South Africa, and board a 24 hour shuttle to the PREMIER HOTEL O. R. TAMBO.  This is a "transition" night to support your gentle arrival.  You are encouraged to plan at least one "transition" night once you return home, to allow for a gentle re-entry.  Giving yourself space to integrate this dynamic experience is important!

September 30th - October 9th - On September 30th, participants will be picked up at the hotel, and the next stage of the adventure begins.  During this stretch of time, we'll be learning, working, and growing individually, while supported by the group.  Except for three nights, when we will be on a field trip to KRUGER NATIONAL PARK, we will be staying at the beautiful SUN-WA RIVER LODGE.  Our days will unfold organically.  Some will be spent at the DELL CHEETAH CENTRE, where you will volunteer your time in the service of the cheetahs and other wild animals who live at the Centre.  

You will learn about cheetahs; meet the founder of Dell (who will be our guide for the Kruger field trip); meditate by the glow of the South African sunset; practice trying on new ways of being through immersion and with support; and day-by-day - through the mundane and the extraordinary - you will come to know that all experiences reflect the divinity within and the divine you are an intrinsic part of.  Leave whatever you believe you know at the airport!  Throughout this retreat window, you will be encouraged to be open, flexible, and curious.  Opening to the unknown creates the space for magic - and these creatures are, indeed, magical!  

Note - the field trip to KRUGER NATIONAL PARK will afford you the opportunity to see some of South Africa's amazing wildlife in a natural habitat. This portion of the retreat will be four days (two traveling and two in the park).

October 10th -
Travel day for participants to fly home or continue with your personal journey in this beautiful country.  All participants will be driven back to Johannesburg on Tuesday October 10th.   We will likely arrive in Johannesburg between 2-4pm. While it is possible to book yourself into a hotel for this night, most overseas flights leave Johannesburg in the evening, so you may find it inconvenient to check out of the hotel and go to the airport early in the day - only to wait around.  For this reason, you are strongly encouraged to plan a couple of quiet days at home at the close of the retreat, before re-entering your regular schedule.


Register with paid deposit by March 31st save $400 - $2,595 per person

Register with paid deposit by May 1st save $200 - $2,795 per person


$2,995 per person (does not include airfare)

Registration closes June 16th or when available participant space is full.

"Save My Space" deposit due with application to secure your spot.

Balance of payment is due August 1st.

Please note, if you pay via PayPal, there is a small additional fee (about 4%).  If this is your payment method of choice, you will note the adjustment reflected in the "Buy Now" drop down menu.


The $750.00 "save my space" deposit is non-refundable.  All remaining balances are due to be paid by August 1st, and will be not be refundable for any reason after that date.  If you pay in full prior August 1st, and elect not to participate, you must submit written notice of your cancellation.  Written cancellations received by to July 31st will be refunded all but the original "save my space" $750.00 deposit.  No refunds of any kind will be available for cancellations received on August 1st or later.

The Divinity Adventure accepts payment in the form of cash, check (payable to Joanne Lutz - mailed to: 4 Country Club Road, Woburn, MA 01801), or credit card via PayPal.  Click for more payment information.

Still have questions?  Contact Joanne Lutz by phone: 617-827-0803 or email