reminding you of who you be, 

so you may live your best possible life!

If you desire a fresh start - a new perspective - a way to allow magic into your life, while being guided toward the path of birthing possibilities, give yourself permission to be supported by both human and existential nature. 

This experience is designed to wake you up to who you truly be, beneath the apathy, beyond the story.  Discover the magic within you and the wonderment provided by this amazing universe.  Begin to trust enough in yourself that you feel safe, even as you surrender to the unknown. 

This space is offered for your essence to emerge and manifest, both in the jungle and far beyond.

Together, our small group of seekers may experience completions and closure; retrievals and release; and a new beginning - a sense of being reborn in the arms of the jungle. 

On this journey:

  • We will witness the wild side of nature - the earth's and our own
  • We shall invite the grace to know intimately that all creatures have needs and seek healing where it is offered.
  • If fortune provides a path, we may witness nature giving birth (this is the time of year when Leatherback turtle eggs may hatch) - though the great earth mother does not abide by our human sense of time, so we shall see what is offered to us.

Get Still
Set Your Intention
Surrender Control of the Outcome

This simple practice creates space to dispel illusions and birth possibility.  The moment we willingly surrender, magic happens!

In a jungle, brimming with life, Howler monkeys provide your wake-up call, Dragonflies dance to tunes unheard, and purple red-winged grasshoppers - the length of dollar bills - mate in plain sight.  The tropics of Costa Rica provide a world beyond your day-to-day imaginings - a place to discover your own nature, and practice Embracing Magic!

Will you surrender...

to the deep listening within?

Are you ready to allow yourself...

the space and time to experience a miracle?

Perhaps all of this sounds like hooey, and still, you feel a stirring of curiosity...

What possibility this adventure might open for you?

Call upon your courage and take a risk!

You deserve to live in a land of wonder, and this may be the beginning.

I cheer on your courage and look forward to sharing this retreat with you!

With love, Joanne

Still have questions?  Contact Joanne Lutz by phone: 617-827-0803 or email

2015 Costa Rica Retreat: Embracing Magic