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"For over a decade Joanne has been my life coach.  From the beginning, I found myself telling Joanne my life story with such ease, knowing that I would not be judged.  Every bit of advice and each observation resonates with me at one time or another, impacting my life for the better.  Even when I don’t agree with Joanne, her insightfulness and intuition are right on the money.  Now that she is in the right place in her life, others will be able to benefit from her knowledge, life experience, and wisdom.  My life would be very different had I not met Joanne, and I am thankful for her."

Maria W.

Cambridge, MA

Joanne Lutz

Transition Coach & Life Gude

  Fully committed to "walking the talk!"

Joanne Lutz is committed to "walking the talk."  What does this mean?  She has been actively engaged in her own personal growth work since 1992.  Over the years, she has experienced a wide and depthful expanse of modalities including: one-to-one coaching, many, many group workshops and retreats of differing varieties, systemic constellations, Reiki, individual counseling, acupuncture, marriage counseling, chiropractic care, structural integration, business coaching, breath work, meditation, Theta healing... Well, you get the idea.  She invites her clients to work with her, knowing that she, too is doing the work.

"I really believe a key ingredient to creating safety in a coaching relationship includes the coach actively doing her own growth work.   In turn, it's important to me that I'm personally in the trenches: stretching, getting scared, trying new things, and breathing, just as I invite my clients to do.  It's far more humbling, and it means, in some way, I'm only ever a step or two ahead of the folks I work with.  As a result, I know where the good foot holds are, and offer guidance and a steady hand as my clients find them.

I used to tell a long story about Third Option Coaching, and how that came to be, and what it means to have a Third Option.  The gist, though, is this: if we lock ourselves into two options, it's an "either/or" proposition.  A Third Option invites you to seek an outside the box alternative.  It opens you to something new, and this concept appears in all of my work with folks.

Whether through one-to-one coaching, group workshops, or an extended retreat, I invite you to shift your paradigm, while staying true to your essential self.  What I mean is this: I don't have the answers - you do!  Within your mind-body-spirit resides all of the resources you need.  My role, whatever the venue, is to shine the flashlight in the dark corners, to help you see the wisdom that might have been forgotten or covered up.  Simultaneously, we'll equip you with the tools to tap into that inherent wisdom, and develop a self-trust that allows you to manifest your very best self - and live a life that exceeds your expectations."

 Joanne practiced coaching a long time before she made it official.  Over the years, she earned the titles of: personnel recruiter, apprentice funeral director, real estate agent, professional organizing consultant, and founder/director of The Consciousness Collaborative.  This myriad of experience and change allow her to support clients during significant transitions in their lives.

What else qualifies Joanne Lutz to be a coach?  Graduating from the Institute for Conscious Counseling and Coaching (four years of study).  Work with Laura Rawlings, Iyanla Vanzant, Gay and Kathlyn Hendricks, Michael Neill, and a long list of lesser known coaches, therapists, bodyworkers, energy healers, and teachers.

Who is Joanne at home?  She's been committed to the same man since 1992, has two step-children, and a grandson.  Joanne is absurdly devoted to her three cats, loves to play board games (no trivia, though!), cards and do jigsaw puzzles.  It used to be that Joanne was an "indoor" kind of gal, but her excursions around the world have proven that an updated identity is required.  Still, she prefers the summer temps, and will likely be found nestled by the fireplace, draped in cats with a good romantic mystery on snowy days in Massachusetts, unless she's escaped the winter for warmer climes.

Joanne works with individuals, couples, parent/child relationships, fellow coaches, and independent business people.  The entry point, simply depends upon where the "stuck" is most obvious. 

Appointments may be in person at Joanne's Lexington, Massachusetts office, or by phone from any where in the country.  Each session is 60 minutes.

If you're curious about what it might be like to work with Joanne, she offers a 20-minute "Test Drive" session by phone.  In fact, it's a requirement for all potential clients, empowering both parties to get a feel for whether there is mutual coaching chemistry.  request a test drive

Still have questions?  Contact Joanne Lutz by phone: 617-827-0803 oremail

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