reminding you of who you be, 

so you may live your best possible life!


"I have been a participant in the Continuing Journey group for two years.  I unequivocally recommend the program to anyone who has done self-growth work
through What's Next?! Workshop and wants to develop more.  (If you haven't already tried What's Next?! - do that first!)

Joanne provides excellent leadership, creating a safe environment that welcomes the participants to offer in-action support of one another.  Add to
that, her own brand of informed nudging, helping participants shift the boundaries of their own growing edge to attain the next level.  I have gained much and witnessed others grow!"

Walter B.  (ACJ 2012-2014)

Pelham, NH

Allow your next steps to be informed by your essential self, with supportive peers and guidance!

A Continuing Journey is only open to What's Next?! alums who have completed at least one full series.  This program consists of six one-day classes over the course of 12 months, so we meet about every other month.   
A Continuing Journey is designed to be part of your support system (from your chart on the last day of the traditional series), reminding you of the things you can do to support yourself, offering guidance as you walk this path, and providing a community to share the experience with.  At it's essence, this program will provide a container for you over the next year, as you continue to manifest in your daily life.

Remember, the work for each of us is gliding back to our essential selves again and again.  This follow-up program will provide a safe space for you to experience the feelings, that accompany the protections and limiting beliefs, blocking you from your core self and your true path, while encouraging your clear navigation toward your ever changing What's Next?!  In the context of this group, you will be supported in who you truly be, as each participant commits to delving to the deepest spaces within, to reveal and manifest from their essential selves.

If you begin the program in 2015, the series fee is $900.00.  This is a flat fee, paid in advance.  View payment options  Different from the traditional What's Next?! program, you may come to as many or as few of the the six consecutive classes, as you wish.  The price is the same, no matter whether you come to one or all of the days (you obviously get the best deal from attending all six - in so many ways!).

This program offers a rolling admission.  If space is available, new participants are welcome to register on-line to join an existing group.  Each participant signs up for six consecutive classes in a designated group, regardless of when you begin.

Each day we begin at 9am and end at about 6pm, though some days may run a bit longer.  Like What's Next?! Workshop,  as part of the program, you will receive "homework."   These assignments are custom designed for your specific group, and will arrive about half-way between our gathering times,  via email. 

For all classes you are encouraged to dress comfortably, with freedom of movement, and pack a lunch.  Light snack foods will be available during the day for your convenience.

I encourage your personal growth and look forward to continuing the journey with you!

With love, Joanne

Want to see if a space is available for you?  Contact Joanne Lutz by phone: 617-827-0803 or email.

A Follow-up Program for What's Next?! Participants